Aaand… they’re off!

Great night yesterday at CSE, where pitches were made, votes were casted and teams were formed.

Two inspirational speakers, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Ted Zoller have made their stand on the topics of disruption, innovation and finance, leading to over 50% of the crowd pitching their ideas. In the end 9 working teams emerged. Check out their workign titles and summaries below:


Moneydrop: “It just make cents!” Getting value for unused foreing currency.

U O Me!: building a tool for managing group expenses

Man vs. Market: tools for traders

Nemmere NemID: app to digitalize NemID key card

People’s stock exchange: democratizing stock market by empowering individuals

Invest in your community: tools to invest in your local community

Internatioal relations: democratization of opinion sharing across countries social network for borrowing and lending

Graphity: data analytics for Open Link Data


Next step is at noon on Saturday when teams will give updates of what they did over last night and mentors will be introduced.

Few pics from last night:


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