Judges Panel

  • Dickson Chu Dickson Chu

    Bio: Dickson Chu is Head of Merchant Solutions at LivingSocial. Before that he was Managing Director at Citi working on Google Wallet and before that Vice President at PayPal. So Dickson knows what to look for in finance innovations. Are you ready to give him a good show?

  • Per Harald Strøm Per Harald Strøm

    Bio: Per Harald Strøm is Senior Vice President of Corporate Innovation at Nets. There isn\'t a day that goes by where Per hasn\'t thought of new ways to improve the Nordic and Danish payment infrastructure. And in the centre of it all is Nets. Can you show Per something that will chance the way we pay in Denmark?

  • Anders Holm Anders Holm

    Bio: Anders Holm is Partner and Executive at IBM Global Business Services and is the Financial Services Sector Leader in Denmark. IBM cannot be overlooked when it comes to finance and IT. They are smack in the middle of everything and so is Anders. Ready to get in there along side him?

  • Thomas Madsen-Mygdal Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

    Bio: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal is an entrepreneur and angel investor, supporting a multitude of European startups. His portfolio includes, among others, Copenhagen based Podio and 23 or Berlin based ezeep. He is also a founder and organizer of the world famous reboot conference.

  • Johan Lorenzen Johan Lorenzen

    Bio: Johan Lorenzen is a venture capital investor from Sunstone Capital, where he represents early stage investments focused on global companies within Internet, Mobile and Software. He spent over two years consulting on the intersection of financial infrastructure, technology and services and is an entrepreneur himself. Show him an operational demo of a solution that solves real problem and is highly scalable.